Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So I was at clinical today at St. Joseph (which thank goodness school is almost done!) and on my PDA I found an application which was a pregnancy calculator. I fooled around with it for a while and it was fun, basically I was figuring out that if I got pregnant at such and such time, when would I have a baby...needless to say I was a bit bored.

Okay, so on the subject of babies...yes I want to have one. Not right now, not even probably within the year, but in a vague nebulous sometime area. What is funny is that I have moments of intense desire for a child. Such as this weekend when I went to a baby shower for friend that I've known since preschool, and all my other girlfriends are there and they have had children..and it hits me, "I want one!" So I get excited and think, "I can do this, no problem, we can have children."

And then on the drive back home I start thinking about my other friends (who are pretty much all older than me, and for the most part are done having children) and I think about how I wouldn't be able to just go somewhere whenever I feel like it, or I think about all the trips that Neil and I want to take, and then I feel a little nervous and think, "I so don't want children right now!!"

Basically what I am trying to say is that, I don't know when I want to have children. I think for right now it needs to stay in the vague nebulous "someday" area.

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